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This document is to ensure the standard operating procedures of 41. Panzerjäger Abteilung.

To be able to fight in an efficient way and to be able to fulfill the goals handed to us by GHC we need to have certain protocols on how we fight as a unit and what is expected by our squad members.
 All members are required to read and follow this protocol and see to it that we as a unit always hold a standard above the average Axis units. Both when it comes to fighting and when it comes to being a squad mate. This document will be updated from time to time.

When in need of more soldiers type .hc in chat and then type a message to either of the officers on the list you recieved in chat. You send this message by typing .m "name" Inf needed [town] oic [squad officer online, or you name if no officer is available] channel [52 for example if that channel is available]

Squad Staff 

Koff,                              Commanding officer

TN,                                Executive Commanding Officer

Huka1,                          Offizer

Panah,                          Offizer


Organization is what makes the machine work. If we dont have it the chance of failure and panic within our ranks are imminent. This is why we win wars and why we sometimes crush our enemy with such ease. Following orders and executing them with high professionalism even when the tide is against us is what makes the difference. We always follow our leaders, whether they are members of 41st or the leader of the battle (OIC, Officer in Charge) and take our gripes in a more quiet place than the battlefield. This is what we do when we log on:
1. Tune to squad channel 2. TUne channel 62 3. Greet our friends and fellow members 4. Tune to attack channel or defense channel if available, and ask what is needed and where 5. Tune channel 52 on a regular basis and listen if anyone is there. If you find someone try to make them join the squad. 6. Have fun!
It's very important that we help each other and other members of the axis. If anyone calls for a HT and you are not doing anything in particular, spawn a HT and help the fellow.
This is a huge part of the success of a mission. Always keep the information short and precise. Call out the enemy targets with a reference point and if possible with a range and a heading. Calling out "ETs" or "EI by me" doesent really help much. The right procedure to call out a target is "ET by church 200 W of AB St trudien" or "EI W of AB moving E" It takes 5 seconds more to type that information but its worlds apart for the rest of us whos on the receiving end. And remember, When in a combat zone, Keep the yapping about non fighting stuff to a minimum... We also use TS, but that doesn't mean you don't have to type your call outs on the text chat, since other players don't hear what you say.
Squad play
Being a part of 41. Panzerjger Abteilung requires that youre a team player. And this means helping out when people ask for tows or to get relieved from guarding a bunker och a CP. You have to be able to appreciate the success of the squad and put your self in the backseat. We always help our squaddies out by any means.
It is also important that you frequently check, and use the squad forum. There you will get the latest information about WWIIOL, the development of the squad and the squad nights. In the forum you will also get tips on using the equipment in the game and strategies. The forum can also be great fun
This is one of the harder parts of being in a squad. What is considered good versus bad conduct? Well common sense goes a long way. But to mention a few basic things:
We are always cool to each other and other members of the Axis community. It’s better to squelch a griefer then to get in to a flame war.
We NEVER cheat. If this happens the person doing it is out of the squad, permanently.
We do not talk trash or flame, not in-game and not on the forums. Remember, when you’re posting on the forums you represent the squad. Even if you post without a sig.
We do not brag about how great we are or how elite we are. Sure if anybody asks, be proud that you’re a member, but with moderation.
Well, I guess that’s all. I hope this will give you some guidance on how to play this game as a member of the 41. Panzerjäger Abteilung.
Enjoy !
Stege Founder of 41. Panzerjäger Abteilung



© 2008 41. PzJgAbt Propaganda
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