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Useful links
Name Description
WWIIOL Realted
Axis HQ The headquarters of the Axis forces.
OKW Community Axis meeting place for discussions, squads, and other community news.
HQ Forums The forums at the HQ site. This is as close as you'll ever get to official forums for WWIIOnline.
WWIIOL The official home page of the game in question. Here you can select side, manage your account and get loads and loads of useful info.
Boot Camp Well, even the best should now and then train to sharpen the skillls.
TGPO:s Maps THE map maker of WWIIOL. A real must!!
88 Guide Great guide for us who enjoy big guns.
Jaliks Panzer Guide Learn the tactics of the WWIIOnline tank game. How to kill your enemy, And how to avoid to get killed by him
Lagus Webmap Great recource site for wwiiol. nice one.
Samlade guider Parasit bla. Bra och snygg sida om vart man ska sätta de små paketen på Allierade stridsvagnar
Vapenbröderna Lagus Här är våra vapenbröder Lagus hemsida.
Wikipedia BGE Utförliga förklaringar om spelet.
OKAHQ GHC hemsida med tips och bra länkar.
WWII Related
Photosammler A very comprehensive site with loads and loads of pictures of German soldiers and equipment. A must!
Afrika-Korps A site dedicated to the German Afrika-Korps. Discussed everything; people, equipment, campaigns etc. NOTE: In German only.
Feldgrau A site dedicated to the German armed forces from 1918 to 1945. Contains a plethora of information!
WWII Vehicles A really interesting site with data and pictures of a lot of the WWII vehicles from around the world.
The Panzer IV Info about the Panzer IV.Loads of pics.
WWII Vehicles Did you ever wonder anything about the vehicles of WWII ?? How many Tigers were made ? What was their armor ? This is the place is you want to find out.
WWII Day by day What happend that day in WWII ?? A great site with a HUGE collection of unit emblems. The site creator made them himself.
The winterwar Loads of info about the winterwar.
Achtung Panzer ! Yet another panzerinfo webpage.
Encyclopedia of the Tanks of World War II Very nice page with available lists sorted in order by eitherweight,production,speed,appearance-date or armor.
V2 Rockets Did you know that 3172 A4/V2 rockets were launched 1944-45? Did you know what engines were used in the A4/V2 rockets? Well... here you will find out
Russian Battlefield A nice site about russian WWII
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